I see so many mistakes in form and behavior at the gym. Some can be dangerous, some are due to a lack of knowledge, and others are inconsiderate.  Hopefully this series of mistakes to avoid will help open your eyes the next time you step foot in your gym.


#1: Not Warming Up: Many exercisers skip their warm-up and jump right into their workout. By doing this, you’re asking your body to work before the oxygen and blood flow reach the muscles. You increase the risk of injury, and with cardio exercise, you raise the heart rate too fast. At the minimum, spend 5 minutes going through the motions of your workout at an easy pace. You’ll find your workouts will actually improve.

#2: Using Incorrect Form or Technique: Learning the right way to exercise is essential to getting results. Form does matter, especially when doing strength training exercises. Incorrect form or technique can set you up for potential injuries and pain. This is also true when using cardio equipment. To learn proper technique, ask a personal trainer for assistance.

#3: Not Putting Equipment Away: After you finish a weight training exercise, put the equipment back where it belongs. The next exerciser shouldn’t have to remove your plates off the smith machine rack or pick your dumbbells off the floor where you left them. Be considerate of others. We’re all there to workout, not clean up after someone else.

Stay tuned for Part 2.