So, what else is going on in the gym that can easily be corrected?

Catching Up on Your Reading: Reading while exercising? You’re probably not getting a good cardiovascular workout. If you’re reading on the treadmill and holding on to the rails, you’re diminishing the intensity of your workout. Frankly, if you’re reading on any piece of equipment, you’re concentrating on your reading material and not your exercise. Also, you’re compromising your form and posture. If you must read, stop about every 3 minutes, correct your posture, and pick up the pace. Do a focused, intense interval until you’re breathless then return to your slower reading pace for another 3 minutes. Repeat this throughout your workout and you will improve your cardiovascular health and still be able to read.

Incorrectly Adjusting the Machines: Weight machines are made for people of all shapes and sizes. You must adjust them to fit you properly if you want to get results and avoid injury. For example, using an improperly set leg-extension machine (machine #31 in the fitness center) puts stress on your knees. Have a personal trainer show you the proper settings for your physique and note them for future reference.

Exercising in Front of the Dumbbell Rack: I see it all the time. Someone grabs a pair of dumbbells, then proceeds to stand directly in front of the whole rack. Most of the time they’re either doing dumbbell bicep curls or shoulder exercises. Unless you’re the only one training in the fitness center, please just get your dumbbells and step away to complete your exercise so others can access and use the dumbbells, too. You can still view yourself in the mirror several feet away.