I’ve trained with Angela for over seven years. I’ve worked with other trainers in the past, however no one has been as interested in my overall well-being and as devoted to my success as Angela. She is truly a “guiding light.”
Sandra C.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent chemotherapy. After treatment, I needed to regain my strength so I called Angela. She has focused on my unique concerns and helped me regain my strength and flexibility.
Janice W.
Angela has the ability to transform lives. With her incredible skills as a trainer, she has motivated and enabled me to make truly life altering changes to both my physical and emotional selves.
Judy A.
Angela‘s age and level of life experiences were what I needed (not some 20 year old at the local spa).
Janice V.
I started working with Angela not long after major back surgery, and I was concerned about an exercise program that may further aggravate my condition. Because of Angela’s knowledge and encouragement, I have steadily increased both my strength and endurance and my back has never been an issue.
Ruth Anne M.
I have really appreciated Angela’s sensitivity to my weight-related physical limitations, and her ability to work around the various problems my aging body presents. I can recommend her without any hesitation.
Rose O.
It’s obvious that Angela is coaching both the mind and body because you need to fix the mind first. I would highly recommend Angela to anyone who wants to feel and look better, but just doesn’t know where or how to start.
Nicole N.
Angela is not only personable and knowledgeable but also extremely focused. My workouts were geared toward my specific needs. Angela is an absolute pleasure to spend an hour with three times a week!
Ellen D.
Working out with Angela has never been boring. She updates your routines and keeps you motivated.
Fran C.

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